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97.9 WHAV FM is the only Haverhill-based news source. Original local news coverage and major stories reported first have already made non-profit WHAV the primary daily local news source for thousands in Haverhill and all surrounding communities.

raised $950.00

WIPR-Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting

WIPR son las emisoras de radio y televisión pública de Puerto Rico;

raised $520.00

WJFF - Radio Catskill

To connect, reflect and involve diverse communities through enlightening, informative and entertaining content.

raised $55.00

WLCH - Radio Centro

WLCH (91.3 FM/Lancaster & 100.3FM/York), “Radio Centro” was created to provide the Latino community in Central Pennsylvania with the opportunity to become informed about news, current events, educational and cultural programs. It also serves as a vehicle for greater interaction between our English and Spanish speaking communities, challenging both to become one community.

raised $50.00

WNUC -Detroit's Community Radio Station

WNUC is Detroit's community radio station. 

raised $0.00

WORT-Community Radio for Madison, WI

WORT 89.9 is Community Radio for Madison, Wisconsin. For more than 40 years. WORT‘s distinct programming is the product of the knowledge, hard work, and creativity of the on-air volunteers.

raised $0.00

WOWD - Historic Takoma,Inc.

Historic Takoma's mission is to offer hyper-local, non-commercial radio to a diverse, multi-jurisdictional urban community, consisting of neighborhoods within our coverage area.


raised $0.00