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I support Asheville FM and I hope you will too!

103.3 AshevilleFM (WSFM-LP)

Raised: $100Remaining: $400

I know you've heard me talking about Asheville FM and what a great place it is to work:  Cool radio station, great music, local news and talk shows. All done by amazingly generous volunteers!  But, maybe you didn’t know that Asheville FM is a listener supported, noncommercial radio station one of a whole community of stations across the country that serve their local communities with news, information, music, arts and culture. This year, many of those stations are taking part in a 48-hour fundraising campaign called GiveBig to MyStation and I’m helping out by fundraising specifically for Asheville FM. In a time of significant mainstream media consolidation, please join me in supporting independent media that is responsive to and reflective of the people who live in the community! You can make a donation on my page at GiveBig to MyStation.

James D donated $50.00
KP W donated $25.00

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Community Radio is important !!!


Please join me and give what you can!