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KHOI - Heart of Iowa Community Radio

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In 2012KHOI - HEART OF IOWA burst forth to introduce Community Radio to the airwaves of Central Iowa!

The energy and dedication of many locals and a few friends from afar made it happen

Since then, miracles happen on a daily basis through the magic of our mission: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH COMMUNICATION. 

We discover the thoughts, knowledge and talents of young, old, urban, rural, all races, religions, preferences in this creative environment. Artists, musicians, politicians, scientists, social service workers, and everything in between. Even the plants, animals, soil, and water have a voice on KHOI.

KHOI connects people, on the air and in our building. We are in the adorable and historic "Ames Pantorium Building," built as a dry cleaners' in 1925 (that's what they were called then). It provides us with a welcoming storefront with open doors with plenty of room for broadcasting, collaborating, and socializing.

KHOI broadcasts at 89.1 FM and streams live online. Programs include approximately 1/2 music and 1/2 talk radio. All programs are locally determined. Approximately 25% of our programs come from other grassrooots producers, since we are proud members of Pacifica Radio Network, who provides that contrent.

If you are a resident of Central Iowa and enjoy community radio, if you are a former resident of this area and like to stay connected, if you simply support the life of denmocracy and independent media in this battlegorund state of Iowa, become a member of the KHOI family.

Basic membership is $55. Any amount larger or smaller that feels right to you is also very much appreciated. Your donation makes a big difference to everyone at KHOI. Thank you for your support! 

KHOI is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 organization.
Ursula R donated $100.00
Paul H donated $891.00

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$1,900.00 to go. NO PROBLEM!


I support KHOI 89.1 FM at a rate of ten dollars per megahertz! To community...and beyond!