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I support KHOI Community Radio!

KHOI - Heart of Iowa Community Radio

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Gradually over the last five years or so, I began to hear rumors of a nonprofit radio station being started in my hometown of Ames, IA. Around the same time, I had graduated from college with a major in English, and was looking for ways to ply the craft of language with the tools I had gained at the University of Iowa, "just down the street" from Ames in Iowa City. Having just moved back to Ames, I stopped in one afternoon to learn more, and was thrilled to get a studio tour and history lesson of KHOI from station board member Tom Beell. After our conversation, he suggested a show that I might enjoy listening to, and shortly after I encountered the host on Main Street in Ames.

In about two months, I had been a guest on several shows and recorded a station promo, talking about my love for community and spoken word. Shortly after, I proposed a half-hour talk show surrounding poetry appreciation, which the station accepted, and which I have been working on since the Spring of 2015.
KHOI is a wonderful station and has been an incredible experience for me. Through it, I have not only met local poets and musical artists, but many enthusiasts of radio and some of the folks involved in the station's initial setup. It has been enriching to be a part of this developing community - with an added bonus of it being a nonprofit project which, for me, centers around my enjoyment of poetry and my love for the creative arts.

I always say on my show, FirstHand Poetry, that being familiar with KHOI is like having access to an audio reference section such as at a library. There are shows covering politics, religion, poetry, cooking, music, and a variety of other topics. I have also made some great friends and reinforced other relationships in my community by being involved with the station. It’s easy to get involved in other ways, too! Visiting the website will give you the chance to download a program schedule, listen to the station online whenever you want, and even access past weeks’ shows that are easy to search for and find in the archive section, and learn more about the people who volunteer their time and energy to make the station not only run, but help it to be a pillar and connecting point of our community.
KHOI also throws some great parties – a “birthday” party every year, along with other celebrations that pepper downtown with the flavor of entertainment and education make the station’s involvement with orchestrating the members of our communities with one another invaluable. And, when you tune in, you’re sure to find voices you otherwise would not hear. We aren’t burdened by the need to pay huge advertising costs, our only fees are two paid employees and the costs to make the physical station and broadcast a reality. We don’t ask for much, and, from my view, everyone at KHOI is in a giving mindset – the programs and media offered by our station are from the “Heart of Iowa” (which is where K-HOI gets its name)!
So, more to the point, right now the station is asking for your help, as we did not quite meet our goal this fundraising season. If you’d like to become a member of the station, you can do so very easily on the station’s webpage. Or, if you’d like to make sure that your support of and value placed on the continued of my show, FirstHand Poetry, you can do so here - start the process on the right-side panel of this page. Honestly, in the end, all that matters to us is continuing to bring you relevant and local information, be that political, entertainment, or educational – from the comfort of your own home, car, or workplace.
And be sure to stop by the station, as I did, because who knows what possibilities await?

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