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Radio Bilingue

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Thank you for supporting Radio Bilingüe, the Latino Public Radio Network!
With stations and affiliates from the San Joaquin Valley to the Rio Grande Valley and beyond, Radio Bilingüe’s mission is to serve as a voice to empower Latinos and other under-served communities.

This year Radio Bilingüe continued its legacy as a trusted on-air “meeting ground” for thousands of low income and mixed immigration status families across the country - our core audience. As the presidential campaign stirred threats and violence against immigrants, Latinos, and people of color, Radio Bilingue provided daily news, context, and platforms for dialogue. Now with our audience in a state of emergency anticipating crackdowns on immigrant families and communities, Radio Bilingüe is on-air, separating fact from fiction, helping people avoid immigration frauds and scams, and amplifying the voices of the most marginalized while connecting them to advocates and policy makers.

Radio Bilingüe does this work 24/7 through programs like Línea Abierta,
the first and only national weekday Spanish news talk program in public media, and La Hora Mixteca, connecting migrant Mexican indigenous families across the U.S. and Mexico. Music lovers are also a top priority for Radio Bilingue, as we present vibrant and diverse daily offerings from Mariachi to Tex Mex to Alt Latino and Latin Jazz- always mixed with messages in Spanish, English, Mixteco, Triqui and Hawaiian, promoting community education, civic engagement, health and well-being.  Our youth training and programing bring the voices and concerns of new generations from our barrios to our airwaves.

In Radio Bilingue’s home state of California this year, we were proud to complete the decades-long dream of launching new low-cost-repeater signals bringing Radio Bilingue to additional marginalized low-income Latino communities previously unserved by public media in their language. We also assisted ally Latino cultural organizations around California to found their own low-power radio stations to promote the arts and community empowerment locally.

With the support of people like you, Radio Bilingüe will continue raising up the lives, voices and beloved cultural traditions of Latinos.  We will keep building bridges across communities and cultures around the nation. Radio Bilingüe’s staff and resources are modest, but our mission is non-negotiable in this unprecedented era in U.S. life.

Radio Bilingüe is joining with public radio stations around the country this month in an exciting new fundraising effort called "Give Big to My Station". Your donations made to Radio Bilingüe today and up to December 29, will be processed on December 29 and count toward Radio Bilingüe's "Give Big to My Station" goal of $10,000!  Please support us with a tax-deductible contribution of any amount you can – and join us in continuing public service media for Latinos that truly makes a difference!

And of course don't forget to enjoy Radio Bilingue anytime streaming live 24/7 at


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Updates and Donors' Comments


Wonderful music and great service to the community. Thank you.


Thank you for empowering our community!


Me encanta esta estasion, me encanta la ifromacion, las noticias, simepre los escucho. linea abierta me gusta mucho. el noticiero de Mexico


Keep up the good work porque la Lucia continua!