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I support the voice of Boise and beyond,

Radio Boise / KRBX

Raised: $250Remaining: $750

Hi, friends. Thanks for checking out my page! I'll be direct:

In 1983, American media was owned by about 50 companies. In the US today, SIX media conglomerates control 90% of mainstream media. Consolidation of media ownership has been damaging to its entertainment value AND information value.

Luckily for Boise, we have KBRX, 89.5 and 93.5 FM.

I was so impressed by KRBX RADIO BOISE--people-powered radio, this incredible all-volunteer powerhouse broadcasting from downtown's Alaska Building--that a few months ago I joined its Board of Directors.  

KRBX is a dynamic on-air hub of fresh ideas, creativity and new music to feed your soul. This is the home of Tennis Court Disco, Ramblers Retreat, Elemental Idaho and Antler Crafts. RADIO BOISE is where you can get riled up with Democracy Now, sober up with a report on nuclear waste in Idaho, and then cheer up with an introduction to your next favorite band--knowing you may soon hear them live at Treefort.

RADIO BOISE gives voice to the issues and causes that define our community and shape its future. With your financial support, in 2017 KRBX will produce more human interest stories and interviews on issues that matter--all through the lens of inclusiveness and localism. Inclusiveness. Localism. You. Me. Us.

Let's take back our media! Right now, community radio stations across the country are waging a 48-hour fundraising campaign called GiveBig to MyStation and I’m fundraising for KRBX RADIO BOISE. 

Let's shine a light on the incredible independent music, arts and culture that make our lives better. 

Make your donation in any amount right now--and if I see you out wearing your RADIO BOISE T-Shirt or Hoodie in 2017,  I will personally buy you a beer.

Thank you! 

PS- After you click to give, PLEASE comment on your favorite shows and/or new programming you'd like to hear.



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