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I support the voice of Boise and beyond,

Radio Boise / KRBX

Raised: $0Remaining: $1000

I am so lucky to call Boise and the Treasure Valley home - not only for the obvious natural beauty that surrounds us, but for the thriving environment for artists, musicians, and makers and for the diversity of our community. Boise is home to people of all walks of life from all over the world, who contribute to making our home the colorful, inclusive, vibrant place it is.

All too recently, we have been challenged by external forces to show our support for people and causes that are marginalized, sometimes controversial, and often disregarded. Whether that is independent music, stories of members of our community, or charitable causes that strive to make life better for people in the Treasure Valley, there are so many important and valuable pieces of our community that deserve a voice.


And that’s where Radio Boise comes in.

Radio Boise strives to be the voice of Boise and beyond - it is willing to be what we are, but it needs all of our help to live out loud in new ways both on the airwaves and in the community. Help Radio Boise’s authentic voice  and engagement expand beyond what you may have imagined. Now, more than ever, local independent media needs our support.

Please join me in giving a platform and a voice to everyone in our community and to shining a light on all of the great independent music and art that enriches our lives by giving to Radio Boise today. 

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