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This page contains graphics, logos, templates and other resources to help you market GiveBig to MyStation. Please take a look at the Use Standards for GiveBig to MyStation Name and Logo before using any of these resources.


Web Logos


Station Work Plan and Calendar (Checklist)


Success Guide for Participating Stations (Checklist)

Set up or edit your MyStation Page (Video)

The resources below are documents in Google Docs. Clicking on the name of the title will take you to the document where you can copy select [File] - [Download] and download the entire document in one of several different formats. These documents are yours to use either as is, or you can tailor them to meet the needs of your station.

Community and Media Outreach

- Press release 
- Sample city/county resolution
- Sample newsletter or direct mail copy

Email and letter templates

- Sample copy for e-newsletter or direct mail
- Sample text for social sharing (use for web page setup)
- Setting goals for GiveBig to MyStation


Give these templates to your staff, board, programmers and close volunteers to use in recruiting donors:

- Pre-campaign emails to tease the campaign
- 4-6 weeks out personal email
- 2 weeks out personal email
- Day-of personal email
- Mid-campaign personal email


The GiveBig to MyStation platform sends thank you emails as soon as a donation is made, but you should send a personal thank you email or letter within a week of the donation. Here are some suggestions:

- Donor thank you email
- Donor thank you letter

On-air Scripts and Pitches

- Pre-campaign promotional scripts
- On-air pitches for campaign days

Social Media Resources

- Social Media Policy Sample
- Tips to Engaging on Facebook
- Engaging Listeners and Donors on Twitter
- Sample Social Media Posts